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    • An ultra-fast mechanically active cell culture substrate 

      Poulin, A.; Imboden, M.; Sorba, F.; Grazioli, S.; Martin-Olmos, C.; Rosset, S.; et al. (2018)
      We present a mechanically active cell culture substrate that produces complex strain patterns and generates extremely high strain rates. The transparent miniaturized cell stretcher is compatible with live cell microscopy ...
    • Optimization of thin-film highly-compliant elastomer sensors for contractility measurement of muscle cells 

      Araromi, O. A.; Poulin, A.; Rosset, S.; Imboden, M.; Favre, M.; Giazzon, M.; et al. (2016)
      Test assays capable of providing quantitative characterization of the contraction of cardiac and smooth muscle cells are of great need for drug development and screening. Several methodologies have been proposed for achieving ...