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    • Altimetry, Imaging and Landing Location Selection Lidars for ESA Space Applications 

      Tzeremes, Georgios D.; Jones, David; Hernandez, Matias; Sousa, Tiago; Pollini, Alexandre; Pache, Christophe; Haesler, Jacques; Carnelli, Ian (2019-07-28)
      Following the successful launch of ADM-Aeolus as well as BepiColombo, European Space Agency has developed the last years a large number of Lidar instrument breadboards to cover a variety of space mission requirements, such ...
    • CSEM space lidars for imaging and rangefinding 

      Pollini, Alexandre; Pache, Christophe; Haesler, Jacques (2018-07-22)
      Flash imaging LiDAR is recognized as a primary candidate sensor for several autonomous navigation phases such as for example, for safe precision landing on celestial bodies such as Mars or Jupiter and Saturn moons, and for ...
    • Miniature Flash LiDAR for Bathymetry: An Experimental Proof-of-Concept 

      Pache, Christophe; Meier, Christophe; Droz, Serge; Nguyen, David; Roulet, Jean-Christophe; Pollini, Alexandre; Houge, Torbjørn; Droz, Fabien (2021-07)
    • The imaging LiDAR of the in-orbit demonstration RemoveDEBRIS 

      Ummel, Antoine; Pollini, Alexandre; Pache, Christophe; Droz, Fabien (2021-06-22)
      In the frame of the low-cost RemoveDEBRIS mission to demonstrate Active Debris Removal (ADR) technologies, CSEM successfully developed the VBN instrument: a vision-based payload comprising a LiDAR and a visible camera. ...