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    • A microphotonic astrocomb 

      Obrzud, Ewelina; Rainer, Monica; Harutyunyan, Avet; Anderson, Miles H.; Liu, Junqiu; Geiselmann, Michael; Chazelas, Bruno; Kundermann, Stefan; Lecomte, Steve; Cecconi, Massimo; Ghedina, Adriano; Molinari, Emilio; Pepe, Francesco; Wildi, François; Bouchy, François; Kippenberg, Tobias J.; Herr, Tobias (2019-01)
      A microphotonic astrocomb is demonstrated via temporal dissipative Kerr solitons in photonic-chip-based silicon nitride microresonators with a precision of 25?cm?s–1 (radial velocity equivalent), useful for Earth-like ...