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    • Aircraft Strain WSN Powered by Heat Storage Harvesting 

      Allmen, L. V.; Bailleul, G.; Becker, T.; Decotignie, J. D.; Kiziroglou, M. E.; Leroux, C.; et al. (2017)
      The combination of ultra-low-power wireless communications and energy harvesting enables the realization of autonomous wireless sensor networks. Such networks can be usefully applied in commercial aircraft where wireless ...
    • Artificial Skin for Human Prostheses, Enabled Through Wireless Sensor Networks 

      Rojas, C.; Decotignie, J. D. (2017)
      The WiseSkin project aims at creating artificial skin that allows human patients with prosthetic limbs to regain their sense of touch. The system in charge of transferring the tactile information is based on a wireless ...
    • Leveraging MAC Preambles for an Efficient Link Estimation 

      Rojas, C.; Decotignie, J. D. (2018)
      Estimating the quality of a link is a key primitive in WSNs, as upper layers use this piece of information in making performance-critical decisions. State-of-the-art estimators extract a single sample of the link state per ...