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    • Carrier scattering mechanisms limiting mobility in hydrogen-doped indium oxide 

      Husein, S.; Stuckelberger, M.; West, B.; Ding, L.; Dauzou, F.; Morales-Masis, M.; et al. (2018)
      Hydrogen-doped indium oxide (IO:H) has recently garnered attention as a high-performance transparent conducting oxide (TCO) and has been incorporated into a wide array of photovoltaic devices due to its high electron ...
    • Instability of p-i-n perovskite solar cells under reverse bias 

      Razera, R.A.Z.; Jacobs, D. A.; Fu, F.; Fiala, P.; Dussouillez, M.; Sahli, F.; Yang, T.C.J.; Ding, L.; Walter, A.; Feil, A. F.; Boudinov, H. I.; Nicolay, S.; Ballif, C.; Jeangros, Q. (2020-01)
      Partial shading can trigger permanent damage in photovoltaic modules because the illuminated solar cells drive the shaded cells into reverse bias. Under reverse bias conditions, perovskite solar cells have been shown to ...
    • What Limits Mobility in Hydrogenated Indium Oxide? 

      Husein, S.; Stuckelberger, M.; West, B.; Ding, L.; Morales-Masis, M.; Dauzou, F.; et al. (2018)
      Understanding the electron scattering mechanisms dominating transport in high and low mobility transparent conducting oxides can provide insight into improving the properties of this crucial photovoltaic device layer. ...