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    • A three device silicon based platform for micro-assembly and characterization. 

      Cosandier, Florent; Barrot, François; Kruis, Johan; Voruz, Luc; Musy, Grégory; Droz, Serge; Giriens, Laurent; Glettig, Wayne; Dominé, Emmanuel (2016-01-06)
      In order to improve the assembly process of microcomponents, three high precision mechanisms were developed. All of them were designed and fabricated at CSEM, through a silicon etching process (DRIE). The devices are an ...
    • “Tic-Tac” made in Silicon 

      Lani, Sébastien; Pétremand, Yves; Dubochet, Olivier; Dadras, Mohammad Mehdi; Barrot, François; Dominé, Emmanuel; Despont, Michel (2019-09-25)