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    • Efficient Neural Vision Systems Based on Convolutional Image Acquisition 

      Pad, Pedram; Narduzzi, Simon; Kündig, Clément; Türetken, Engin; Bigdeli, Siavash A.; Dunbar, L. Andrea (2020-06-14)
      Despite the substantial progress made in deep learning in recent years, advanced approaches remain computationally intensive. The trade-off between accuracy and computation time and energy limits their use in real-time ...
    • Real Time Eye Gaze Tracking for Human Machine Interaction in the Cockpit 

      Türetken, Engin; Saeedi, Sareh; Bigdeli, Siavash; Stadelmann, Patrick; Cantale, Nicolas; Lutnyk, Luis; Raubal, Martin; Dunbar, L. Andrea (2022-03-02)
      The Aeronautics industry has pioneered safety from digital checklists to moving maps that improve pilot situational awareness and support safe ground movements. Today, pilots deal with increasingly complex cockpit environments ...