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    • Large angle flexure pivot development for future science payloads 

      Spanoudakis, P.; Kiener, L.; Cosandier, F.;  Schwab, P.; Giriens, L.; Kruis, J.; Grivon, D. (2019)
      An innovative design of a Large Angle Flexure Pivot (LAFP) is described. It combines the advantages of flexure mechanisms while surpassing one of their few flaws, small displacement strokes. The LAFP design exceeds these ...
    • Towards a Magnetically Clean Reaction Wheel with Active Magnetic Field Mitigation 

      Nicolai, A.; Stoltz, S.; Hillenmaier, O.; Ludwig, J.; Strauch, C.; Grivon, D.; Rossini, L.; Onillon, E.; Hellwig, T.; Scheiding, S. (2019)
      This paper describes the necessary steps and mitigation techniques to minimize the magnetic field of a reaction wheel. Stringent magnetic emission requirements resulted in the design of an active compensation system to ...