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    • GaSb Swept-Wavelength Lasers for Biomedical Sensing Applications 

      Vizbaras, Augustinas; Šimonytc, Ieva; Droz, Serge; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Miasojedovas, Arūnas; Trinkunas, Augustinas; Bučiunas, Tadas; Dambrauskas, Žilvinas; Gulbinas, Antanas; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Vizbaras, Kristijonas (2019-11)
      Infrared spectral range between 1.7 and 2.5 ?m is of particular interest for biomedical sensing applications due to the presence of first overtone C-H stretch and a combination of stretch and bending vibrations of C-H, ...
    • GaSb-Based Swept-Wavelength Lasers for Spectroscopic Sensing Applications in the 1.7–2.5 Micron Spectral Range 

      Vizbaras, Augustinas; Šimonyt?, Ieva; Trink?nas, Augustinas; Miasojedovas, Ar?nas; Bu?i?nas, Tadas; De Groote, Andreas; Greibus, Mindaugas; Naujokait?, Greta; Andrulis, Valentinas; Martens, Daan; Droz, Serge; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Dambrauskas, Žilvinas; Gulbinas, Antanas; Vizbaras, Kristijonas (2019-06)
      1.7-2.5 micron spectral region is particularly interesting for spectroscopic sensing due to the presence of strong and molecule-specific ro-vibrational absorption bands. These absorption bands correspond to the first ...
    • Swept-wavelength lasers based on GaSb gain-chip technology for non-invasive biomedical sensing applications in the 1.7–2.5 μm wavelength range 

      Vizbaras, Augustinas; Šimonyt?, Ieva; Miasojedovas, Ar?nas; Trink?nas, Augustinas; Bu?i?nas, Tadas; Greibus, Mindaugas; Naujokait?, Greta; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Droz, Serge; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Dambrauskas, Žilvinas; Gulbinas, Antanas; Vizbaras, Kristijonas (2018-10-01)
      The infrared spectral region beyond 1.7 μm is of utmost interest for biomedical applications due to strong overtone and combination absorption bands in a variety of important biomolecules such as lactates, urea, ...