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    • Development and clinical evaluation of a physiological data acquisition device for monitoring and exercise guidance of heart failure and chronic heart disease patients 

      Kokonozi, Athina; Astaras, Alexander; Semertzidis, Panagiotis; Michail, Emmanouil; Chouvarda, Ioanna; Grossenbacher, Olivier; Koller, Jean-Marc; Leopoldo, Rossini; Correvon, Marc; Luprano, Jean; Sipilä, Auli; Zamboulis, Chryssanthos; Maglaveras, Nikolaos (2010-09-26)
      The HeartCycle EU research project aims to provide disease management solutions for cardiac patients. Developed within HeartCycle, IMAGE is a wearable device capable of acquiring ECG, bioimpedance, and acceleration ...
    • Long-term medical survey system 

      Chetelat, Olivier; O'Hare, Aidan; Pilloud, Pascal; Koller, Jean-Marc; Droz, Serge; Ridolfi, Andrea; Theurillat, Patrick; Renevey, Philippe; Sola, Josep; Grossenbacher, Olivier (2008-08-17)
      The European Space Agency (ESA) commissioned CSEM to design, build, validate and deliver one fully operational ground prototype of a system (LTMS2) measuring physiological parameters. The system was shipped and will be ...
    • Monitoring physiological and behavioral signals to detect mood changes of bipolar patients 

      Schleusing, Olaf; Renevey, Philippe; Bertschi, Mattia; Dasen, Stephan; Koller, Jean-Marc; Paradiso, Rita (2011)
      In this paper we present a personal, cost-effective, multi-parametric monitoring system based on textile platforms and portable sensing devices for the long term and short term acquisition of data from bipolar patients ...