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    • On the integration of printed electronics in fluid cartridges and lateral flow devices for point-of-care 

      Kurth, Felix; Glaser, Nicolas; Migliorelli, Davide; Gao, Hui; Wipf, Mathias; Paoletti, Samantha; Generelli, Silvia; Burr, Loic (2023-03)
      The use of non-invasive body fluid testing, such as the analysis of blood and urine, can greatly improve clinical decision making in a plethora of situations. It can support clinical triage in low resource settings that ...
    • Printed Antifouling Electrodes for Biosensing Applications 

      Kurth, Felix; Zinggeler, Marc; Schär, Sandra (2022-12-13)
      Biosensors based on miniaturized, functional electrodes are of high potential for various biosensing applications, especially at the point-of-care setting among others. However, the sensor performance of such electrochemical ...