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    • An autonomous medical monitoring system: Validation on arrhythmia detection 

      Lemkaddem, Alia; Proenca, Martin; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Renevey, Philippe; Oei, Ing; Montano, Giuseppe; Martinez-Heras, Jose-Antonio; Donati, Alessandro; Bertschi, Mattia; Lemay, Mathieu (2017)
      In this paper, we present a generic platform for autonomous medical monitoring and diagnostics. We validated the platform in the context of arrhythmia detection with publicly available databases. The big advantage of this ...
    • Blood pressure measurements with the OptiBP smartphone app validated against reference auscultatory measurements 

      Schoettker, Patrick; Degott, Jean; Hofmann, Gregory; Proença, Martin; Bonnier, Guillaume; Lemkaddem, Alia; Lemay, Mathieu; Schorer, Raoul; Christen, Urvan; Knebel, Jean-François; Wuerzner, Arlene; Burnier, Michel; Wuerzner, Gregoire (2020-10-20)
      Mobile health diagnostics have been shown to be effective and scalable for chronic disease detection and management. By maximizing the smartphones’ optics and computational power, they could allow assessment of physiological ...
    • Blood Pressure Monitoring Using a Smartphone Camera: Performance of the OBPM Technology 

      Sola, Josep; Proenca, Martin; Schoettker, Patrick; Lemkaddem, Alia; Braun, Fabian; Verjus, Christophe; Bertschi, Mattia; Kunz, Thierry (2018)
      While hypertension globally affects two out of five adults worldwide, there exists no easily-scalable technology to measure blood pressure out of the clinics. The idea of using smartphone sensors to estimate blood pressure ...
    • Camera-Based Respiration Monitoring 

      Braun, Fabian; Lemkaddem, Alia; Moser, Virginie; Dasen, Stephan; Grossenbacher, Olivier (2016-10-04)
    • Contactless Respiration Monitoring in Real-Time via a Video Camera 

      Braun, Fabian; Lemkaddem, Alia; Moser, Virginie; Dasen, Stephan; Grossenbacher, Olivier; Bertschi, Mattia (2018)
    • Digital womens health based on wearables and big data 

      Stein, Peter; Falco, Lisa; Kuebler, Florian; Annaheim, Simon; Lemkaddem, Alia; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Verjus, Christophe; Leeners, Brigitte (2016)
      OBJECTIVE: To develop a model to evaluate candidate agents to create tubal occlusion for nonsurgical permanent contraception DESIGN: Descriptive nonhuman primate study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Reproductive tracts were ...
    • Limitations of Unobtrusive Detection of Sleep Disordered Breathing using Heart Rate Variability 

      Cucu, Raluca; Braun, Fabian; Van Zaen, Jérôme; Renevey, Philippe; Lemkaddem, Alia; De Jaegere, Kurt; Horvath, Christian M.; Roth, Corinne; Brill, Anne-Kathrin; Lemay, Mathieu; Ott, Sebastian R. (2020-10)
    • Machine Learning Approaches For Improved Continuous, Non-occlusive Arterial Pressure Monitoring Using Photoplethysmography 

      Jorge, Joao; Proenca, Martin; Aguet, Clementine; Van Zaen, Jerome; Bonnier, Guillaume; Renevey, Phillipe; Lemkaddem, Alia; Schoettker, Patrick; Lemay, Mathieu (2020)
    • Multi-modal driver drowsiness detection: A feasibility study 

      Lemkaddem, Alia; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Türetken, Engin; Dasen, Stephan; Moser, Virginie; Gressum, Carl; Sola, Josep; Ferrario, Damien; Verjus, Christophe (2018)
      Driver drowsiness is a significant contributing factor to road accidents and can lead to severe physical injuries, deaths, and significant economic losses. Earlier research primarily concentrated on estimating the level ...
    • Optical monitoring of breathing disorders and sleep phases at the wrist 

      Renevey, Philippe; Braun, Fabian; Van Zaen, Jérôme; Lemkaddem, Alia; Lemay, Mathieu; De Jaegere, Kurt; Horvath, Christian M.; Roth Wälti, Corinne; Brill, Anne-Kathrin; Ott, Sebastian R. (2019-10)
      Sleep quality is a valuable indicator of human health since various pathologies can disturb the normal sleep pattern. Today, the gold-standard measurement for sleep analysis is polysomnography. It provides a full picture ...
    • Optical wrist-worn device for sleep monitoring 

      Renevey, Philippe; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Lemkaddem, Alia; Proença, Martin; Lemay, Mathieu; Solà, Josep; Tarniceriu, Adrian; Bertschi, Mattia (2018)
      This paper presents and clinically validates a new method to accurately classify sleep phases within a wrist-worn device (e.g., smartwatch, ?tnessband). The method combines inertial and optical sensors to compute the ...
    • Pediatric respiratory rate estimation through deep neural nets 

      Starkov, Pierre; Manzano, Sergio; Hugon, Florence; Braun, Fabian; Lemkaddem, Alia; Verjus, Christophe; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Solà, Josep; Gervaix, Alain; Benissa, Mohamed-Rida (2018-07-17)
    • Performance Assessment of a Dedicated Reflectance Pulse Oximeter in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 

      Proenca, Martin; Grossenbacher, Olivier; Dasen, Stephan; Moser, Virginie; Ostojic, Daniel; Lemkaddem, Alia; Ferrario, Damien; Lemay, Mathieu; Wolf, Martin; Fauchere, Jean-Claude; Karen, Tanja (2018)
      The measurement of peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) poses a significant challenge. Motion artifacts due to the patient’s limb motion induce many false alarms, which in turn cause ...
    • Physical Activity 

      Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Renevey, Philippe; Lemkaddem, Alia; Lemay, Mathieu; Solà, Josep; Korhonen, Ilkka; Bertschi, Mattia (2017)
      We begin by briefly introducing the basics of the most frequently used sensors in nowadays wearables targeting a profiling of human physical activity: inertial, biopotential, bioimpedance, and optical sensors. The backbone ...
    • Physical Activity 

      Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Renevey, Philippe; Lemkaddem, Alia; Lemay, Mathieu; Solà, Josep; Korhonen, Ilkka; Bertschi, Mattia (2018)
    • Pulse Oximetry at the Wrist During Sleep: Performance, Challenges and Perspectives 

      Braun, Fabian; Theurillat, Patrick; Proenca, Martin; Lemkaddem, Alia; Ferrario, Damien; Jaegere, Kurt De; Horvath, Christian M; Roth, Corinne; Brill, Anne-Kathrin; Lemay, Mathieu; Ott, Sebastian R (2020-07)
      The state-of-the-art non-invasive measurement of peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) during sleep is mainly based on pulse oximetry at the fingertip. Although this approach is noninvasive, it can still be obtrusive and ...
    • Pulse Wave Analysis Techniques 

      Proença, Martin; Renevey, Philippe; Braun, Fabian; Bonnier, Guillaume; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Lemkaddem, Alia; Verjus, Christophe; Ferrario, Damien; Lemay, Mathieu (2019)
    • Real-time Fall Detection Using Smartwatches 

      Moufawad El Achkar, Christopher; Lemkaddem, Alia; Muntané Calvo, Enric; Renevey, Philippe; Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Morton, Suzanne; Hughes, Sharon; Bangash, Ahmed; Allocca, Carlo; Ail, Rohit; Verjus, Christophe (2018-07-02)
    • Real-time gait analysis with accelerometer-based smart shoes 

      Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Hubbard, Jeremy; Renevey, Philippe; Lemkaddem, Alia; Vellinga, Quinn; Ashby, Darren; Willardson, Jared; Bertschi, Mattia (2017)
      In this paper, we present the evaluation of a new smart shoe capable of performing gait analysis in real time. The system is exclusively based on accelerometers which minimizes the power consumption. The estimated parameters ...
    • Real-time monitoring of swimming performance 

      Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard; Lemkaddem, Alia; Renevey, Philippe; Calvo, E. Muntane; Lemay, Mathieu; Cox, Kade; Ashby, Darren; Willardson, Jared; Bertschi, Mattia (2016)
      This article presents the performance results of a novel algorithm for swimming analysis in real-time within a lowpower wrist-worn device. The estimated parameters are: lap count, stroke count, time in lap, total swimming ...