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    • LAMPO - Low-cost Aquatic MicroPlastic Observation system for ocean monitoring aboard ships 

      Cristofolini, Peter; Mühlebach, Lea; Markocic, Miha; Orawez, Georg; Shynkarenko, Yevhen; Martinez-Frances, Elena; Van Bavel, Bert; Cattaneo, Stefano (2022-11-06)
      Microplastic pollution has been found in the most remote parts of the ocean and constitutes a serious environmental problem for marine wildlife. Most microplastic is not bio-degradable and accumulates in the marine food ...
    • Point of Care measurement tools for biomonitoring 

      Fejzo, Aldo; Stergiou, Ioannis; Georg, Orawez; Markocic, Miha; Stefano, Cattaneo (2022-09-21)
      The need for fully integrated and automated diagnostics solutions for human health is increasing, fueled by the widespread tendency of the industry to offer portable approaches enabled by the latest technological improvements ...