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    • An ultra-fast mechanically active cell culture substrate 

      Poulin, A.; Imboden, M.; Sorba, F.; Grazioli, S.; Martin-Olmos, C.; Rosset, S.; et al. (2018)
      We present a mechanically active cell culture substrate that produces complex strain patterns and generates extremely high strain rates. The transparent miniaturized cell stretcher is compatible with live cell microscopy ...
    • High resolution polymer coated strain sensors for in-liquid operation 

      Sorba, F.; Martin-Olmos, C. (2018)
      Metallic strain gauges are well studied structures for their use in force sensing. Their fabrication is rather simple, easily compatible with many techniques are broadly scalable in both quantity and resolution. Here we ...
    • Integrated elastomer-based device for measuring the mechanics of adherent cell monolayers 

      Sorba, F.; Poulin, A.; Ischer, R.; Shea, H.; Martin-Olmos, C. (2019)
      Cells in the body collectively sustain mechanical deformations in almost all physiological functions. From the morphogenesis stage, cells'' ability to sustain stress is essential for the body''s well-being. Several pathologies ...