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    • Optical enhancement of a printed organic tandem solar cell using diffractive nanostructures 

      Mayer, J. A.; Offermans, T.; Chrapa, M.; Pfannmoller, M.; Bals, S.; Ferrini, R.; et al. (2018)
      Solution processable organic tandem solar cells offer a promising approach to achieve cost-effective, lightweight and flexible photovoltaics. In order to further enhance the efficiency of optimized organic tandem cells, ...
    • Self-contained optical enhancement film for printed photovoltaics 

      Mayer, J. A.; Gallinet, B.; Offermans, T.; Zhurminsky, I.; Ferrini, R. (2017)
      Printed photovoltaics promise lightweight and flexible light harvesting devices for conformal integration into buildings, portable electronics or vehicles. This is enabled by employing thin photoactive layers, which can ...