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    • Controlling the Color of Plasmonic Substrates with Inkjet Printing 

      Duempelmann, L.; Muller, J. A.; Lutolf, F.; Gallinet, B.; Ferrini, R.; Novotny, L. (2017)
      This study introduces a versatile method for modifying the optical properties of plasmonic substrates by inkjet printing of commercially available, transparent inks with various refractive indices. The large-scale and ...
    • Four-Fold Color Filter Based on Plasmonic Phase Retarder 

      Duempelmann, L.; Luu-Dinh, A.; Gallinet, B.; Novotny, L. (2016)
      We present a plasmonic color filter based on periodic subwavelength silver nanowires, capable of changing the output color by simple rotation of a polarizer. The effect is enabled by a wavelength-dependent phase shift near ...
    • Multispectral Imaging with Tunable Plasmonic Filters 

      Duempelmann, L.; Gallinet, B.; Novotny, L. (2017)
      We present an angle-insensitive, miniaturized and integratable filtering system based on plasmonic substrates for multispectral imaging. Active tunability of the plasmonic filter allows color recording, estimation of unknown ...