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    • MEMS scanner with 2D tilt, piston and focus motion 

      Lani, S.; Bayat, D.; Petremand, Y.; Regamey, Y. J.; Onillon, E.; Pierer, J.; et al. (2017)
      A MEMS scanner with a high level of motion freedom has been developed. It includes a 2D mechanical tilting capability of and/-15 degrees, a piston motion of 50 mu m and a focus/defocus control system of a 2mm diameter ...
    • Nuclear spin decoherence time in MEMS atomic vapor cells for applications in quantum technologies 

      Buchs, G.; Karlen, S.; Overstolz, T.; Torcheboeuf, N.; Onillon, E.; Haesler, J.; et al. (2018)
      We report on the fabrication and characterization of MEMS atomic vapor cells suitable for applications in miniaturized quantum sensors such as atomic gyroscopes. Our MEMS cells are filled with natural abundance Rb alkali ...
    • Towards a Magnetically Clean Reaction Wheel with Active Magnetic Field Mitigation 

      Nicolai, A.; Stoltz, S.; Hillenmaier, O.; Ludwig, J.; Strauch, C.; Grivon, D.; Rossini, L.; Onillon, E.; Hellwig, T.; Scheiding, S. (2019)
      This paper describes the necessary steps and mitigation techniques to minimize the magnetic field of a reaction wheel. Stringent magnetic emission requirements resulted in the design of an active compensation system to ...