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    • Compact gigahertz frequency comb generation: how short do the pulses need to be? 

      Pekarek, Selina; Stumpf, Max C.; Lecomte, Steve; Kundermann, Stefan; Klenner, Alexander; Südmeyer, Thomas; Dudley, John M.; Keller, Ursula (2012-01-29)
      We investigate the required pulse duration for coherent supercontinuum generation for CEO detection in the 1-µm and 1.5-µm spectral regime. We demonstrate the first self-referenceable frequency comb from a gigahertz ...
    • Self-referenceable frequency comb from a gigahertz diode-pumped solid-state laser 

      Pekarek, Selina; Südmeyer, Thomas; Lecomte, Steve; Kundermann, Stefan; Dudley, John M.; Keller, Ursula (2011-08-15)
      We present carrier envelope offset (CEO) frequency detection of a diode-pumped Yb:KGW (ytterbium-doped potassium gadolinium tungstate) laser with a repetition rate of 1 GHz. The SESAM-soliton-modelocked laser delivers 2.2-W ...
    • Yb-based supercontinuum generation (Yb-SCG) 

      Lecomte, Steve; Pekarek, Selina; Kunderman, Stefan; Bennès, Jonathan; Südmeyer, Thomas; Resan, Bojan; Brunner, Felix; Weingarten, Kurt; Keller, Ursula (2011)