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    • Compact optical MEMS accelerometers and temperature sensors 

      Timotijevic, B.; Petremand, Y.; Bayat, D.; Luetzelschwab, M.; Aebi, L.; Tormen, M. (2017)
      Continuous and accurate monitoring of acceleration and temperature inside large turbo- and hydro-generators is of crucial importance to prevent extremely expensive system damages and false positives. Development of optical, ...
    • Large 1D and 2D micro-mirror arrays for Universe and Earth Observation 

      Zamkotsian, F.; Petremand, Y.; Lanzoni, P.; Lani, S.; Barette, R.; Timotijevic, B.; et al. (2019)
      In future space missions for Universe and Earth Observation, scientific return could be optimized using MOEMS devices. Large micromirror arrays (MMA) are used for designing new generation of instruments. In Universe ...
    • MEMS scanner with 2D tilt, piston and focus motion 

      Lani, S.; Bayat, D.; Petremand, Y.; Regamey, Y. J.; Onillon, E.; Pierer, J.; et al. (2017)
      A MEMS scanner with a high level of motion freedom has been developed. It includes a 2D mechanical tilting capability of and/-15 degrees, a piston motion of 50 mu m and a focus/defocus control system of a 2mm diameter ...