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    • COOLER: a louvered, passive radiator for Cubesats 

      Spanoudakis, Peter; Novo, David; Cosandier, Florent; Schwab, Philippe; Ummel, Antoine; Psoni, Georgia; Rellakis, Dimitrios; Struijs, Robert; Fouché, Florian; de Faoite, Daithi (2021-09-20)
      Louvers are thermal control elements placed over external radiators to tune heat rejection from typically a factor 1 when fully closed to 5 when fully open. The most commonly used louver is a bimetallic, springactuated, ...
    • Large Angle Flexure Pivot Development and Test Campaign Results 

      Spanoudakis, Peter; Kiener, Lionel; Cosandier, Florent; Schwab, Philippe; Grivon, Daniel; Psoni, Georgia; Rellakis, Dimitrios; Bencheikh, Nabil (2021-09-20)
      An innovative design of a Large Angle Flexure Pivot (LAFP) has been developed and has completed a thorough test campaign in the configuration of an Engineering Model. The intended application of the LAFP is to angularly ...