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    • A Kerr polarization controller 

      Moroney, Niall; Del Bino, Leonardo; Zhang, Shuangyou; Woodley, Michael T. M.; Hill, Lewis; Wildi, Thibault; Wittwer, Valentin J.; Südmeyer, Thomas; Oppo, Gian-Luca; Vanner, Michael R.; Brasch, Victor; Herr, Tobias; Del’Haye, Pascal (2022-01-19)
      Kerr-effect-induced changes of the polarization state of light are well known in pulsed laser systems. An example is nonlinear polarization rotation, which is critical to the operation of many types of mode-locked lasers. ...
    • Compact gigahertz frequency comb generation: how short do the pulses need to be? 

      Pekarek, Selina; Stumpf, Max C.; Lecomte, Steve; Kundermann, Stefan; Klenner, Alexander; Südmeyer, Thomas; Dudley, John M.; Keller, Ursula (2012-01-29)
      We investigate the required pulse duration for coherent supercontinuum generation for CEO detection in the 1-µm and 1.5-µm spectral regime. We demonstrate the first self-referenceable frequency comb from a gigahertz ...
    • Self-referenceable frequency comb from a gigahertz diode-pumped solid-state laser 

      Pekarek, Selina; Südmeyer, Thomas; Lecomte, Steve; Kundermann, Stefan; Dudley, John M.; Keller, Ursula (2011-08-15)
      We present carrier envelope offset (CEO) frequency detection of a diode-pumped Yb:KGW (ytterbium-doped potassium gadolinium tungstate) laser with a repetition rate of 1 GHz. The SESAM-soliton-modelocked laser delivers 2.2-W ...
    • Yb-based supercontinuum generation (Yb-SCG) 

      Lecomte, Steve; Pekarek, Selina; Kunderman, Stefan; Bennès, Jonathan; Südmeyer, Thomas; Resan, Bojan; Brunner, Felix; Weingarten, Kurt; Keller, Ursula (2011)