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    • Data Driven Innovation - from Predictive Maintenance to Predictive Quality 

      Schmid, Philipp (2022-10-14)
      At the junction where the digital, the physical, communication and people cross, is where Industry 4.0 comes forth: The automation that has long since become norm is being revolutionized, one could almost say, by ...
    • Deepfake für die Industrie 

      Schmid, Philipp; Fulterer, Ruth (2021-11-18)
      Unwahrheiten werden durch sogenannte Deepfake-Videos vorwiegend auf den sozialen Netzwerken verbreitet. Täuschendechte Falschaussagen von beispielsweise Politikern wie Angela Merkel oder Barack Obama führen gezielt zu ...
    • Plenoptic Inspection System for Automatic Quality Control of MEMS and Microsystems 

      Kirschmann, Moritz A.; Pierer, Jörg; Steinecker, Alexander; Schmid, Philipp; Erdmann, Arne (2021)
      Optical quality control of MEMS and microsystems is challenging as these structures are micro-scale and three dimensional. Here we lay out different optical systems that can be used for 3D optical quality control in ...