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    • Interference lithography for nanostructure fabrication 

      Zhurminsky, I.; Schnieper, M.; Ferrini, R.; Fricke, S. (2019)
      Some of the latest developments at CSEM Center Muttenz using diffraction gratings applied for a high resolution spectroscopy, light management in solar cells and LED, color filters, optical security, nano-membrane fabrication ...
    • Optical security features and filters using plasmonic nanostructures 

      Gallinet, B.; Lutolf, F.; Duempelmann, L.; Basset, G.; Luu-Dinh, A.; Schnieper, M.; et al. (2017)
      Plasmonics involves the interaction of light with metallic structures at the nanoscale, which enables in particular the generation of strong reflection and absorption effects in the visible and near infrared range. The ...