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    • Mode locking in monolithic two-section InGaN blue-violet semiconductor lasers 

      Vasil'ev, Peter P.; Sergeev, A. B.; Smetanin, Igor V.; Weig, Thomas; Schwarz, Ulrich T.; Sulmoni, Luca; Dorsaz, Julien; Lamy, Jean-Michel; Carlin, Jean-François; Grandjean, Nicolas; Zeng, Xi; Stadelmann, Thomas; Grossmann, Sylvain; Hoogerwerf, Arno C.; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2013-03-25)
      Passive mode-locked pulses with repetition frequencies in the range 40 to 90?GHz were observed in blue-violet GaN-based quantum-well lasers without external cavities. The lasers had two-section geometry with built-in ...
    • Theory of Mode-Locked InGaN/GaN Lasers in Large Signal Regime 

      Smetanin, Igor V.; Vasil'ev, Peter P.; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2010-09)
    • Theory of the ultrafast mode-locked GaN lasers in a large-signal regime 

      Smetanin, Igor V.; Vasil’ev, Peter P.; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2011-08-29)
      Analytical theory of the high-power passively mode-locked laser with a slow absorber is developed. In distinguishing from previous treatment, our model is valid at pulse energies well exceeding the saturation energy of ...