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    • SiPM in g(2) measurements 

      Gasparini, Leonardo; Stoppa, David; Piemonte, Claudio; Acerbi, Fabio; Stefanov, Andre; Balet, Laurent; Herr, Tobias; Mitev, Valentin; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2017-04-05)
      We demonstrate g(2)function measurement using novelty all solid-state SiPM detectors. The function g(2)is obtain with measurement time of only 500?s at pW light power levels.
    • Validation of Échelle-Based Quantum-Classical Discriminator with Novelty Spad Array Sensor 

      Mitev, Valentin; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Balet, Laurent; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Gasparini, Leonardo; Perenzoni, Matteo; Bessire, Bänz; Stefanov, Andre; Mikhalychev, Alexander; Mogilevtsev, Dmitri (2019)
      Imaging with non-classical photons allows one to bypass the Rayleigh resolution limit and classical shot-noise level [1, 2]. Such schemes will operate with large photon number, produced by sources, where the entangled and ...