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    • A D-optimal design to model the performances of dressings and devices for negative pressure wound therapy 

      Salvo, P.; Smajda, R.; Dini, V.; Saxby, C.; Voirin, G.; Romanelli, M.; et al. (2016)
      A D-optimal design was used to identify and model variables that affect the transit time of wound exudate through an illustrative dressing used for negative pressure wound therapy. Many authors have addressed the clinical ...
    • Integration of New Sol-Gel Films Into Optical Chemical Sensors 

      Scolan, E.; Smajda, R.; Weder, G.; Voirin, G.; Pugin, R.; Michou, Y.; et al. (2016)
      CSEM has developed new sol-gel based sensitive layers enabling the optical detection of volatiles and dissolved analytes with enhanced performances. These sol-gel films exhibit a hierarchical nanoporous structure. Dedicated ...
    • Smart access to small lot manufacturing for systems integration 

      Andersson, D. R.; Gronqvist, H.; Mayora, K.; Tijero, M.; Voirin, G.; Steinke, A.; et al. (2018)
      The three year EU project SMARTER-SI that ends in January 2018 has tested a new concept for small lot manufacturing for SMEs which we call the Cooperative Foundry Model (CFM). During previous research, all RTOs have completed ...