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    • Structural differences between Sb- and Nb-doped tin oxides and consequences for electrical conductivity 

      Oakton, E.; Tillier, J.; Siddiqi, G.; Mickovic, Z.; Sereda, O.; Fedorov, A.; et al. (2016)
      Sb- and Nb-doped tin oxides have been prepared by a co-precipitation method. Whilst X-ray powder diffraction and EDX mapping indicate similar dopant distributions, more detailed characterisation by variable high-temperature ...
    • Sub-100 attosecond timing jitter from low-noise passively mode-locked solid-state laser at telecom wavelength 

      Portuondo-Campa, Erwin; Paschotta, Rüdiger; Lecomte, Steve (2013-08-01)
      We report on the ultralow timing jitter of the 100 MHz pulse trains generated by two identical passively mode-locked diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs) emitting at 1556 nm. Ultralow timing jitter of 83 as ...
    • Super Resolution Phase Retrieval for Sparse Signals 

      Baechler, G.; Kreković, M.; Ranieri, J.; Chebira, A.; Lu, Y. M.; Vetterli, M. (2019)
      In a variety of fields, in particular those involving imaging and optics, we often measure signals whose phase is missing or has been irremediably distorted. Phase retrieval attempts to recover the phase information of a ...
    • Superfluorescent 1.1 ps pulse-on-demand generation in InGaN laser 

      Boiko, Dmitri L.; Zeng, Xi; Weig, Thomas; Schwarz, Ulrich T.; Salmoni, Luca; Lamy, Jean-Michel; Grandjean, Nicolas (2013-05)
      A semiconductor laser diode producing ultra-short optical pulses in the blue-violet range will find numerous applications ranging from next-generation 3D optical data storage devices to bio-medical diagnostic methods. In ...
    • Superradiance dynamics in semiconductor laser diode structures 

      Boiko, Dmitri L.; Vasil’ev, Peter P. (2012-04-23)
      We analyze theoretically the superradiant emission (SR) in semiconductor edge-emitting laser heterostructures using InGaN/GaN heterostructure quantum well (QW) as a model system. The generation of superradiant pulses as ...
    • Superradiance in electrically pumped semiconductor laser: Myth or reality? 

      Boiko, Dmitri L.; Zeng, Xi; Stadelmann, Thomas; Grossmann, Sylvain; Hoogerwerf, Arno C. (2014-09)
      We analyze transition from amplified spontaneous emission to Q-switched lasing in InGaN laser with absorber. We find narrow region that requires us to evoke cooperative recombination of two electron-hole pairs in X or II ...
    • SUPERTWIN: towards 100kpixel CMOS quantum image sensors for quantum optics applications 

      Gasparini, Leonardo; Bessire, Bänz; Unternährer, Manuel; Stefanov, André; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Perenzoni, Matteo; Stoppa, David (2017-01-27)
      Quantum imaging uses entangled photons to overcome the limits of a classical-light apparatus in terms of image quality, beating the standard shot-noise limit, and exceeding the Abbe diffraction limit for resolution. In ...
    • Surface topology and functionality of freeform microlens arrays 

      Aderneuer, T.; Fernandez, O.; Karpik, A.; Werder, J.; Marhöfer, M.; Kristiansen, P. M.; Ferrini, R. (2021-02)
    • SVR based PV models for MPC based energy flow management 

      Boegli, M.; Stauffer, Y. (2017)
      The ever increasing penetration of renewable production can be used to lower the operational costs of households and districts. However, given its intermittent nature predicting their production in order to use it efficiently ...
    • SWAN-iCare project: Towards smart wearable and autonomous negative pressure device for wound monitoring and therapy 

      Texier, Isabelle; Xydis, Sotirios; Soudris, Dimitrios; Marcoux, Pierre; Pham, Pascale; Muller, Marie; Correvon, Marc; Dudnik, Gabriela; Voirin, Guy; Kristenssen, Jan; Laurenza, Massimo; Raptopoulos, Andreas; Saxby, Carl; Navarro, Thierry; di Francesco, Fabio; Salvo, Pietro; Romanelli, Marco; Lymberopoulos, Leonidas (2014-11)
      This paper describes the SWAN-iCare system and its potential impact in the area of wound management. The SWAN-iCare project aims at developing an integrated autonomous device for the monitoring and the personalized management ...
    • Swept-wavelength lasers based on GaSb gain-chip technology for non-invasive biomedical sensing applications in the 1.7–2.5 μm wavelength range 

      Vizbaras, Augustinas; Šimonytė, Ieva; Miasojedovas, Arūnas; Trinkūnas, Augustinas; Bučiūnas, Tadas; Greibus, Mindaugas; Naujokaitė, Greta; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Droz, Serge; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Dambrauskas, Žilvinas; Gulbinas, Antanas; Vizbaras, Kristijonas (2018-10-01)
      The infrared spectral region beyond 1.7 μm is of utmost interest for biomedical applications due to strong overtone and combination absorption bands in a variety of important biomolecules such as lactates, urea, ...
    • Swiss miniature atomic clock: First prototype and preliminary results 

      Haesler, Jacques; Bennès, Jonathan; Overstolz, Thomas; Pierer, Jörg; Jose James, Rony; Ruffieux, David; Lecomte, Steve (2012-04)
      The first prototype of an eXtra Small Atomic Resonator (XSAR) was presented by CSEM at the 2009 EFTF conference. This paper describes the progress realized until 2011 towards the realization of a low-power miniature atomic ...
    • Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences 

      Weder, Gilles (2022-06-29)
    • Synchronization and communication of cooperative sensors 

      Chetelat, Olivier; Rapin, Michael; Meier, Christophe; Bischof, Andre; Augustyniak, Marcin K. (2015)
    • Synthesis of Quantum Antennas for Shaping Field Correlations 

      Mikhalychev, Alexander; Mogilevtsev, Dmitri; Slepyan, Gregory Ya.; Karuseichyk, Ilya; Buchs, Gilles; Boiko, Dmitri L.; Boag, Amir (2018-02-22)
      We present a method to design an initial state in a quantum antenna in order to shape the emitted field higher-order correlation functions at will. This method is based on quantum state reconstruction techniques and relies ...
    • Tailoring Risken-Nummedal-Graham-Haken instability in quantum cascade lasers 

      Antonov, Alexander V.; Kuritsyn, D.I.; Gajic, Aleksandra; Orlova, E. E.; Radovanovic, Jelena; Vaks, Vladimir V.; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2017-06)
      The multimode Risken-Nummedal-Graham-Haken (RNGH) instability in a CW laser arises due to Rabi splitting of the lasing transition induced by the lasing mode. Observation of large spectral broadening on the order of 2? Rabi ...
    • Tapered monolithic mode-locked laser diode with 200pJ pulse energy for space applications 

      Krakowski, Michel; Resneau, Patrick; Garcia, Michel; Vinet, Eric; Robert, Yannick; Theveneau, Claire; Lecomte, Michel; Parillaud, Olivier; Gerard, Bruno; Kundermann, Stefan; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2019-03-01)
      European Space Agency (ESA) considers Mode-Locked Semi-Conductor Lasers as a promising technology for precision metrology systems in space such as High Accuracy Absolute Long Distance Measurement. We report our progress ...
    • Tapered Monolithic Mode-Locked Laser Diode with 200pJ Pulse Energy for Space Applications 

      Krakowski, Michel; Resneau, Patrick; Garcia, Michel; Vinet, Eric; Robert, Yannick; Theveneau, Claire; Lecomte, Michel; Parillaud, Olivier; Gerard, Bruno; Kundermann, Stefan; Torcheboeuf, Nicolas; Boiko, Dmitri L. (2018-09)
      To the best of our knowledge, we demonstrate the first mode-locked semiconductor laser reaching 201pJ picosecond pulses without amplifier at low repetition frequency of 2.89GHz, with a very-long (13.5mm) multi-sections ...
    • Technologien für energieautarke Anwendungen 

      Emery, S.; Krieger, M. (2016)
      Das Internet of Things (IoT) wird oft als die Zukunftshoffnung für neue industrielle Wertschöpfung und Innovation dargestellt. Dies trifft speziell für energieautarke IoT-Produkte zu. Das CSEM bietet hier Hand.