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    • Active implant for optoacoustic natural sound enhancement 

      Mohrdiek, S.; Fretz, M.; James, R. J.; Durante, G. S.; Burch, T.; Kral, A.; et al. (2017)
      This paper summarizes the results of an EU project called ACTION: ACTive Implant for Optoacoustic Natural sound enhancement. The project is based on a recent discovery that relatively low levels of pulsed infrared laser ...
    • Silicon Carbide Pressure Sensors for Harsh Environments 

      Hoogerwerf, A. C.; Durante, G. S.; James, R. J.; Dubois, M.; Dubochet, O.; Despont, M. (2019)
      The paper describes the fabrication of a silicon carbide piezoresistive pressure sensors intended for operating temperatures of up to 600°C. The different fabrication aspects, such as the metallization scheme, the etching ...