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    • INSPEX: Optimize Range Sensors for Environment Perception as a Portable System 

      Foucault, Julie; Lesecq, Suzanne; Dudnik, Gabriela; Correvon, Marc; O’Keeffe, Rosemary; Di Palma, Vincenza; Passoni, Marco; Quaglia, Fabio; Ouvry, Laurent; Buckley, Steven; Herveg, Jean; di Matteo, Andrea; Rakotovao, Tiana; Debicki, Olivier; Mareau, Nicolas; Barrett, John; Rea, Susan; McGibney, Alan; Birot, François; de Chaumont, Hugues; Banach, Richard; Razavi, Joseph; Ó’Murchú, Cian (2019-10-08)
      Environment perception is crucial for the safe navigation of vehicles and robots to detect obstacles in their surroundings. It is also of paramount interest for navigation of human beings in reduced visibility conditions. ...