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    • Intelligent multispectral vision system for non-contact water quality monitoring for wastewater 

      Preitner, Karen; Blanc, Sébastien; Honzatko, David; Kündig, Clément; Pad, Pedram; Saeedi, Sareh; Peña-Haro, Salvador; Lechevallier, Pierre; Rieckermann, Jörg; Dunbar, L. Andrea (2023-02-02)
      Water quality monitoring in sewer networks remains a technical challenge even though water pollution and control are high priorities since decades. Current water quality monitoring usually analyzes samples in laboratories, ...
    • Real Time Eye Gaze Tracking for Human Machine Interaction in the Cockpit 

      Türetken, Engin; Saeedi, Sareh; Bigdeli, Siavash; Stadelmann, Patrick; Cantale, Nicolas; Lutnyk, Luis; Raubal, Martin; Dunbar, L. Andrea (2022-03-02)
      The Aeronautics industry has pioneered safety from digital checklists to moving maps that improve pilot situational awareness and support safe ground movements. Today, pilots deal with increasingly complex cockpit environments ...