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    • COOLER: a louvered, passive radiator for Cubesats 

      Spanoudakis, Peter; Novo, David; Cosandier, Florent; Schwab, Philippe; Ummel, Antoine; Psoni, Georgia; Rellakis, Dimitrios; Struijs, Robert; Fouché, Florian; de Faoite, Daithi (2021-09-20)
      Louvers are thermal control elements placed over external radiators to tune heat rejection from typically a factor 1 when fully closed to 5 when fully open. The most commonly used louver is a bimetallic, springactuated, ...
    • PULSAR: development of a mirror tile prototype for future large telescopes robotically assembled in space 

      Rouvinet, Julien; Ummel, Antoine; Cosandier, Florent; Nguyen, David; Schaffter, Virginien (2020-12-13)
      The H2020 project PULSAR (Prototype for an Ultra Large Structure Assembly Robot) development objective is to create three demonstrators that that will pave the way for the construction of large structures in orbit. The ...