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    • Detection of S1 and S2 Locations in Phonocardiogram Signals Using Zero Frequency Filter 

      Prasad, RaviShankar; Yilmaz, Gurkan; Chetelat, Olivier; Magimai.-Doss, Mathew (2020)
      Heart auscultation is a widely used technique for diagnosing cardiac abnormalities. In that context, capturing of phonocardiogram (PCG) signals and automatically monitoring of the heart by identifying S1 and S2 complexes ...
    • Split electrodes for electrical-conductivity-based tissue discrimination 

      Yilmaz, Gurkan; Braun, Fabian; Adler, Andy; de Sousa, Antonio Moreira; Ferrario, Damien; Lemay, Mathieu; Chetelat, Olivier (2022-07-11)
      This work presents a method to minimize the inadvertent cutting of tissues in surgeries involving bone drilling. We present electrical impedance measurements as an assistive technology to image-guided surgery to achieve ...