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    • Feature Learning for Blood Pressure Estimation from Photoplethysmography 

      Aguet, Clémentine; Zaen, Jérôme Van; Jorge, João; Proença, Martin; Bonnier, Guillaume; Frossard, Pascal; Lemay, Mathieu (2021-11)
      Blood pressure (BP) is an important indicator for prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases. Alongside the improvement in sensors and wearables, photoplethysmography (PPG) appears to be a promising technology ...
    • Pulse Wave Analysis of Photoplethysmography Signals to Enhance Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias 

      Jeanningros, Loïc; Braun, Fabian; Zaen, Jérôme Van; Le Bloa, Mathieu; Porretta, Alessandra; Teres, Cheryl; Herrera, Claudia; Domenichini, Giulia; Carroz, Patrice; Graf, Denis; Pascale, Patrizio; Vesin, Jean-Marc; Thiran, Jean-Philippe; Pruvot, Etienne; Lemay, Mathieu (2022-09)
      Photoplethysmography (PPG) has recently gained increasing interest for less obtrusive long-term cardiovascular monitoring. As for cardiac arrhythmia (CA), most research and available PPG devices have focused on the detection ...