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dc.contributor.authorMüller, David.
dc.contributor.authorCattaneo, Stefano.
dc.contributor.authorMeier, Florian.
dc.contributor.authorWelz, Roland.
dc.contributor.authorde Mello, Andrew J.
dc.identifier.citationFront. Chem., 22 July 2015
dc.description.abstractAsymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (AF4) is a separation technique applicable to particles over a wide size range. Despite the many advantages of AF4, its adoption in routine particle analysis is somewhat limited by the large footprint of currently available separation cartridges, extended analysis times and significant solvent consumption. To address these issues, we describe the fabrication and characterization of miniaturized AF4 cartridges. Key features of the down-scaled platform include simplified cartridge and reagent handling, reduced analysis costs and higher throughput capacities
dc.subjectnanoparticle separation, field flow fractionation, mAF4, miniaturization, sensitivity
dc.titleNanoparticle separation with a miniaturized asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation cartridge
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.type.csemresearchareasTools for Life Sciences

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