Wearable PWV technologies to measure Blood Pressure: eliminating brachial cuffs

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Sola, Josep
Proença, Martin
Chetelat, Olivier
The clinical demand for technologies to monitor Blood Pressure (BP) in ambulatory scenarios with minimal use of inflation cuffs is strong: new generation of BP monitors are expected to be not only accurate, but also non-occlusive. In this paper we review recent advances on the use of the so-called Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) technologies to estimate BP in a beat-by-beat basis. After introducing the working principle and underlying methodological limitations, two implementation examples are provided. Pilot studies have demonstrated that novel PWV-based BP monitors depict accuracy scores falling within the limits of the British Hypertensive Society (BHS) Grade A standard. The reported techniques pave the way towards ambulatory-compliant, continuous and non-occlusive BP monitoring devices, where the use of inflation cuffs is drastically reduced.
Publication Reference
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), Osaka (Japan), pp. 4098-4101