Physical Activity

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Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard
Renevey, Philippe
Lemkaddem, Alia
Lemay, Mathieu
Solà, Josep
Korhonen, Ilkka
Bertschi, Mattia
We begin by briefly introducing the basics of the most frequently used sensors in nowadays wearables targeting a profiling of human physical activity: inertial, biopotential, bioimpedance, and optical sensors. The backbone of the analysis is given to human kinetics and cardiac activity, which are explored in depth in the context of activity profiling in the following sections. Then, an overview of systems for assessing the energy expenditure, calorie consumption, and recovery is presented. Finally, a framework for scientifically evaluating the accuracy of the individual systems is presented.
Publication Reference
T. Tamura, W. Chen (Eds.), Seamless Healthcare Monitoring, Cham (Switzerland), Springer International Publishing, pp. 413-455