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dc.contributor.authorKokonozi, Athina
dc.contributor.authorAstaras, Alexander
dc.contributor.authorSemertzidis, Panagiotis
dc.contributor.authorMichail, Emmanouil
dc.contributor.authorChouvarda, Ioanna
dc.contributor.authorGrossenbacher, Olivier
dc.contributor.authorKoller, Jean-Marc
dc.contributor.authorLeopoldo, Rossini
dc.contributor.authorCorrevon, Marc
dc.contributor.authorLuprano, Jean
dc.contributor.authorSipilä, Auli
dc.contributor.authorZamboulis, Chryssanthos
dc.contributor.authorMaglaveras, Nikolaos
dc.identifier.citationCinC 2010, Belfast (Ireland), pp. 4
dc.description.abstractThe HeartCycle EU research project aims to provide disease management solutions for cardiac patients. Developed within HeartCycle, IMAGE is a wearable device capable of acquiring ECG, bioimpedance, and acceleration measurements. The acquired signals are stored in onboard memory and processed, while the results are wirelessly transmitted in real time to a base station. Base station processed data is subsequently used to provide patients with real-time feedback during safetysensitive recuperation exercise periods (guided exercise). While development of IMAGE is ongoing, evaluation of existing prototypes’ performance in clinical, domestic and outdoors environments is also underway. In this work HR and BR comparative analysis results are presented based on standard treadmill stress test experiments (BRUCE protocol). A commercial portable device and gold standard 12-lead ECG stress test equipment are used in parallel with IMAGE for comparative purposes.
dc.titleDevelopment and clinical evaluation of a physiological data acquisition device for monitoring and exercise guidance of heart failure and chronic heart disease patients
dc.typeProceedings Article
dc.type.csemresearchareasDigital Health

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