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dc.contributor.authorHaesler, Jacques
dc.contributor.authorOverstolz, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorJose James, Rony
dc.contributor.authorPierer, Jörg
dc.contributor.authorContaldo, Matteo
dc.contributor.authorRuffieux, David
dc.contributor.authorLecomte, Steve
dc.identifier.citation2011 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control and the European Frequency and Time Forum (FCS) Proceedings, San Francisco (USA), pp. 1-5
dc.description.abstractThe first prototype of an eXtra Small Atomic Resonator (XSAR) was presented by CSEM in 2009. This paper describes the progress realized in 2010 towards the realization of a low-power miniature atomic clock. We present a second prototype as well as the first RF frequency and laser locked loops fully integrated on a chip.
dc.titleDriving an eXtra Small Atomic Resonator with low-power integrated RF frequency and laser locked loops
dc.typeProceedings Article
dc.type.csemresearchareasScientific Instrumentation

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