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dc.contributor.authorSmetanin, Igor V.
dc.contributor.authorVasil’ev, Peter P.
dc.contributor.authorBoiko, Dmitri L.
dc.identifier.citationOptics Express, vol. 19 (18), pp. 17114-17120
dc.description.abstractAnalytical theory of the high-power passively mode-locked laser with a slow absorber is developed. In distinguishing from previous treatment, our model is valid at pulse energies well exceeding the saturation energy of absorber. This is achieved by solving the mode-locking master equation in the pulse energy-domain representation. The performances of monolithic sub-picosecond blue-violet GaN mode-locked diode laser in the high-power operation regime are analyzed using the developed approach.
dc.titleTheory of the ultrafast mode-locked GaN lasers in a large-signal regime
dc.typeJournal Article

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