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dc.contributor.authorKundermann, Stefan
dc.contributor.authorPortuondo-Campa, Erwin
dc.contributor.authorBennès, Jonathan
dc.contributor.authorLecomte, Steve
dc.identifier.citation2013 Joint European Frequency and Time Forum International Frequency Control Symposium (EFTF/IFC), Prague (Czech Republic), pp. 105-107
dc.description.abstractOptical frequency combs are key instruments that have revolutionized many fields like frequency metrology and spectroscopy. Traditionally based on fiber lasers or Ti:Sapphire lasers they have been widely studied. Here we demonstrate a 1-micron optical frequency comb based on passively mode-locked diode-pumped solid-state laser technology with low-noise properties and high-reliability.
dc.titleLow-noise 1-micron optical frequency comb based on diode-pumped solid-state laser technology
dc.typeProceedings Article

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