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    • Power Management Unit (PMU) IP Platform 

      Emery, Stéphane (2022)
    • MEMS manufacturing capability 

      Dubochet, Olivier (2023-03-22)
      With our state-of-the-art cleanroom, we support you from pre-feasibility studies to small and medium series production of MEMS. Our team of experienced and dedicated people ensures you a long-term relationship. We combine ...
    • Smart Body Sensors - Lebensqualität oder Überwachung 

      Schmid, David (2023-02-24)
      Smart Watches und Activity Trackers zeigen uns, was unser Körper leistet. Wieso wollen wir das wissen, was fangen wir mit den Informationen an? Was wird eigentlich gemessen und wie funktionieren Sensoren, welche diese ...
    • Scientific and Technical Report 2021 

      CSEM SA (2022-04)
      Digital technologies are now everywhere: in the energy landscape, in manufacturing, in health and life sciences.
    • Annual Report 2021 

      CSEM SA (2022-06-17)
      CSEM can look back on 2021 as a successful year, both in commercial terms and regarding the expansion of its industrial partnerships.
    • Innovation partner for the Life Science industry 

      Paoletti, Samantha (2022-05-02)
    • Scientific Instrumentation 

      CSEM SA; CSEM SA (2021-09)
      Flexible MEMS technology (FlexMEMS), lidar systems, high-precision space mechanisms, instrumentation in astrophysics, and metrological instrumentation.
    • Annual Report 2020 

      CSEM SA (2021-06)
      Business dynamics intact despite the pandemic. CSEM quickly adapted to the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its already...
    • Vers la gestion optimale des microréseaux 

      Gorecki, Thomas; Stauffer, Yves; Hutter, Andreas (2021-06)
      Automatiser pour optimiser les flux d’énergie. Les réseaux de quartiers intégrant de l’énergie renouvelable sous forme de chaleur ou d’électricité nécessitent des solutions de pilotage automatisé pour tirer le meilleur ...
    • Scientific and Technical Report 2020 

      CSEM SA (2021-04)
      Digital healthcare tech, point-of-care diagnostics, predictive control for buildings, architectures for AI inference, data science…
    • Scientific and Technical Report 2019 

      CSEM SA (2019)
      Mastering digital, precision, miniaturization, and low-power tech: from lab to success by unlocking their Deep Tech potential.
    • Scientific and Technical Report 2018 

      CSEM SA (2018)
      Low-power cooperative sensors, batterlyless IoT devices, 3D in vitro sensors, coatings and patterning, smart cameras...
    • Scientific and Technical Report 2017 

      CSEM SA (2017)
      Autonomy for wearables & IoT, Industry 4.0 solutions, flash imaging LiDAR, distributed renewable power generation, artificial skin for robots...
    • Scientific and Technical Report 

      CSEM SA (2016)
      Miniature atomic clocks, IR filter using MEMS tech, pressure-sensitive paints, e-tonomy, vital signs monitoring, brain/neural system interfaces...
    • Scientific and Technical Report 

      CSEM SA (2015)
      Energy autonomy and wearable technologies, nanophotonics and MEMS-bases devices, near and sub-threshold digital circuit design...
    • Scientific and Technical Report 

      CSEM SA (2014)
      Genequand escapement with an exceptional power-reserve of over one month, ESA’s Philae lander equipped with CSEM’s eyes...
    • Annual Report 

      CSEM SA (2019)
      Celebrating 35 years at the service of innovation. CSEM has expanded its Deep Tech—disruptive technologies based on scientific discoveries.
    • Annual Report 

      CSEM SA (2018)
      Technologies in demand, increased industrial cooperation, and a well-stocked project portfolio: On paper, all the lights are green for CSEM.
    • Annual Report 

      CSEM SA (2017)
      CSEM recorded an encouraging increase in its industrial activity. The financial year was marked by several prestigious distinctions.
    • Annual Report 2016 

      CSEM SA (2016)
      Keen interest on the part of Swiss companies for the program launched by the CTI to compensate for the strong Swiss franc.