Laser induced forward transfer of graphene

dc.contributor.authorSmits, E. C. P.
dc.contributor.authorWalter, A.
dc.contributor.authorde Leeuw, D. M.
dc.contributor.authorAsadi, K.
dc.description.abstractTransfer of graphene and other two-dimensional materials is still a technical challenge. The 2D-materials are typically patterned after transfer, which leads to a major loss of material. Here, we present laser induced forward transfer of chemical vapor deposition grown graphene layers with well-defined shapes and geometries. The transfer is based on photo-decomposition of a triazene-based transfer layer that produces N-2 gas, which propels a graphene layer from the donor to the acceptor substrate. The functionality of the graphene-metal junction was verified by realizing functional bottom contact bottom gate field-effect transistors. Published by AIP Publishing.
dc.identifier.citationApplied Physics Letters, vol. 111 (17), p. 4, Oct 2017.
dc.subjectdynamic release layer, triazene polymer, films, Physics
dc.titleLaser induced forward transfer of graphene
dc.typeJournal Article