Smart Urine Analyser for the use in Low-Resource Environments

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Migliorelli, D.
Glaser, N.
Zinggeler, M.
Generelli, S.
Markocic, M.
Stergiou, I.
Orawez, G.
Gao, H.
Mühlebach, L.
Junuzovic, R.
There is a need for developing new solutions that enable rapid diagnostic tests in low resource settings. CSEM is working on the development of a handheld fluidic cartridge, containing an array of printed electrochemical sensors for the digital recor din g of urinary glucose and pH. The system is being developed for the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) to assist clinical decision making in low resource settings such as refugee camps.
Publication Reference
BioNanoMed 2023, Graz, Austria