Mid-infrared two photon absorption sensitivity of commercial detectors

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Boiko, Dmitri L.
Antonov, Alexander V.
Kuritsyn, D. I.
Yablonskiy, A. N.
Sergeev, S. M.
Orlova, E. E.
Vaks, Vladimir V.
We report on broad-band two-photon absorption (TPA) in several commercially available MIR inter-band bulk semiconductor photodetectors with the spectral cutoff in the range of 4.5–6??m. The highest TPA responsivity of 2?×?10?5?A·mm2/W2 is measured for a nitrogen-cooled InSb photovoltaic detector. Its performance as a two-photon detector is validated by measuring the second-order interferometric autocorrelation function of a multimode quantum cascade laser emitting at the wavelength of 8??m.
Publication Reference
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 111 (17), pp. 171102