Strain-graded quantum dots with spectrally pure, stable and polarized emission

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Jung, Dongju
Park, Jeong Woo
Min, Sejong
Lee, Hak June
Park, Jin Su
Kim, Gui-Min
Bulliard, Xavier
Pugin, Raphaël
Shin, Doyoon
Im, Seongbin
Structural deformation modifies the bandgap, exciton fine structure and phonon energy of semiconductors, providing an additional knob to control their optical properties. The impact can be exploited in colloidal semiconductor quantum dots (QDs), wherein structural stresses can be imposed in three dimensions while defect formation is suppressed by controlling surface growth kinetics. Yet, the control over the structural deformation of QDs free from optically active defects has not been reached. Here, we demonstrate strain-graded CdSe-ZnSe core-shell QDs with compositionally abrupt interface by the coherent pseudomorphic heteroepitaxy. Resulting QDs toleratemutual elastic deformation of varyingmagnitudes at the interface with high structural fidelity, allowing for spectrally stable and pure emission of photons at accelerated rates with near unity luminescence efficiency. We capitalize on the asymmetric strain effect together with the quantum confinement effect to expand emission envelope of QDs spanning the entire visible region and exemplify their use in photonic applications.
Publication Reference
Nature Communications ( 2024) 15:5561