Large angle flexure pivot development for high accuracy positioning of optical payloads

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Cosandier, Florent
Schwab, Philippe
Kiener, Lionel
Kruis, Johan
Giriens, Laurent
Spanoudakis, Peter
Vrettos, Christos
Psoni, Georgia
In this study, an innovative design of a Large Angle Flexure Pivot (LAFP) is proposed. It combines the advantages of flexure mechanisms – no friction, no backlash, no need for lubricant, no wear – while surpassing one of their few limitations, small displacement strokes usually comprised between 10° and 20° for flexible angular pivots. The LAFP proposed here can reach a deflection of ±90° for three millions full stroke cycles. If the stroke is limited to ±70°, infinite operational lifetime is obtained. The LAFP is 120 mm in diameter, 60 mm in length and weighs less than 500 g. It can carry a payload of 1.8 kg and offers a low rotational stiffness while ensuring high lateral and transversal stiffnesses. It will be tested in a temperature ranging from -140 °C to +60 °C. Its centre shifts laterally less than 3 microns when rotating up to its full rotation angle. The LAFP is aimed to be mounted coaxially by pairs. In this configuration it offers an axial displacement of less than one micron. The intended application of the LAFP is to angularly guide an optical component in a space environment for future science missions.
Publication Reference
EUSPEN, Bilbao (Spain), pp. 2