Elastic backscatter lidar in PBL study

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Mitev, Valentin
This article summarizes representative examples of elastic backscatter lidar observations in Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) and in troposphere. The measurement objectives are the diurnal variation of the PBL stratification and cases of long-range transport of aerosol in the troposphere. Two lidars setups are used in the presented measurements. One is the traditional one, based on laser with low-repetition rate and high pulse energy, while the other setup is based on micropulse laser with high pulse repetition rate. Both lidars provide highly satisfactory results, each in its optimal measurement altitudes. The presented examples for aerosol transport include cases for Sahara dust and volcano ash. The transport studies are supported with back-trajectory analysis. The PBL studies include verification of the generally accepted processing methods for aerosol stratification determination, as well as example of diurnal development. The diurnal development of the PBL, determined by the backscatter lidar is supported with measurements with standard meteorological instruments.
Publication Reference
20th International Conference and School on Quantum Electronics Laser Physics and Applications, T. Dreischuh, L. Avramov (Eds.), Nessebar (Bulgaria), pp. 53