Manufacturing of hierarchically structured surfaces for decorative applications

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Blondiaux, Nicolas
Diserens, Matthieu
Chauvy, Pierre-François
Oudot, Benjamin
Pugin, Raphaël
We report on the development of a process flow for the manufacturing of polymer parts by injection molding with three levels of surface structuring. A stainless steel mold insert was first manufactured and treated with three different structuring methods. One of the key point was the ability to fabricate in a conformal way sub-microstructures on the flat and microstructured areas of the insert. These hierarchical structures were then replicated by injection molding. The replication process was optimized using a design of experiments. The replica produced showed different optically varying effects due to the microstructures. The sub-microstructures lead to a opaleascent effect on the surface.
Publication Reference
euspen’s 21st International Conference & Exhibition, Copenhagen, DK, June 2021