Point-of-Care Fluorescence Biosensing System for Rapid Multi-Allergen Screening

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Demuru, Silvia
Chai-Gao, Hui
Shynkarenko, Yevhen
Hermann, Nicola
Boia, Patricia
Cristofolini, Peter
Petkus, Bradley
Generelli, Silvia
Paoletti, Samantha
Cattaneo, Stefano
With the steady increase in allergy prevalence worldwide, there is a strong need for novel diagnostic tools for precise, fast, and less invasive testing methods. Herein, a miniatured fluorescence-based biosensing system is developed for the rapid and quantitative detection of allergenspecific immunoglobulin-E. An antibody-based fluorescence assay in a microfluidic-patterned slide, combined with a custom-made portable fluorescence reader for image acquisition and user-friendly software for the data analysis, enables obtaining results for multiple allergens in just ~1 h with only 80 µL of blood serum. The multiplexed detection of common birch, timothy grass, cat epithelia, house dust mite, and dog epithelia shows quantitative IgE-mediated allergic responses to specific allergens in control serum samples with known total IgE concentration. The responses are verified with different control tests and measurements with a commercial fluorescence reader. These results open the door to point-of-care allergy screening for early diagnosis and broader access and for largescale research in allergies.
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 874864 HEDIMED.