Sputter deposition technology for Al(1?x)ScxN films with high Sc concentration

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Heinz, B.
Mertin, S.
Rattunde, O.
Dubois, M. A.
Nicolay, S.
Christmann, G.
et al.
Aluminium scandium nitride (Al1-xScxN) with its strongly enhanced piezoelectric response is the upcoming piezoelectric material of choice in next generation RF filters, sensors, actuators and energy harvesting devices. This paper will concentrate on the deposition technology for Al1-xScxN films with high Sc content. Films with Sc concentrations close to 43 at% have been grown on 200-mm substrates using a cluster type sputter deposition tool. The piezoelectric response will be discussed and correlated with the deposition parameters and film structural properties. The steps required to deliver a high-volume production solution for high Sc concentration will be described.
Publication Reference
2017 China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC) (2017): 1-3.